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Kiva, Farmstead Lady

These are lovely and now I want a loom. You are such a bad!!!

Seriously these would make great Christmas gifts.


They are lovely! I agree, they would make awesome christmas gifts, or maybe some mini weaved padded coasters..I am so inspired!!!!!!!


Nicely done! Yes, they would be wonderful gifts.

Happy Weaving,


Love this post..I just visited my friend who works for Interweave magazine in Denver..she gave me a lot of craft books..she asked if weaving and spinning would be next on my to-do list..after seeing this post..I say YEP!!


i'm so sorry it took me forever + 3 days to get back to you...but i think you would totally love weaving and spining..i wish i had more time to weave...its been a couple of months and i miss the relaxing nature of'll have to let me know if you take it up!

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