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Funny you say this, b/c I just noticed your fb was gone! Heh. You are on my list of inspiring mamas and since we're in the same (academic with husbands who work/go to school) boat, I look for you. I totally understand why you did it though. When I've taken social media breaks, especially from FB, I've found that I am *much* more productive. Done this year? What an accomplishment! I know you will continue to do great things.


Love iit :) you have always inspired me in great ways and continue to do so. It's really nice to see you blogging again. I can't wait to see what you create in 2012.


Bravo! Best wishes on the studies. Dare I ask you to visit www.PublishYourQuilts.blogspot.com ?

Tameka Allen

Let's swap snail mail addresses and mail each other a letter or 10, eh? I've been gone from FB since November--awesome, I'm telling you.



You and a few others are a part of that 10% that I didn't want to loose contact with. I may come back with a totally different name and friend those 10 women I love reading updates from...honestly, I'm just afraid to get sucked back into the vortex of fb. I have such a major year ahead of me; I don't know that I can be my best with fb in my life. Sounds wimpy, huh?

I've rediscovered your blog, so I will be reading yours regularly, and we should keep in contact across bloglines.

I hope to continue sharing my Uni experience...I know how hard it is to do this higher education thing while being a full-time parent.

Thanks for the support...I need it! And am more than willing to give it back!


You were on my mind this weekend! I hope all four of you are doing well! I'm so happy to be back blogging again, though I will admit it is hard and I backslide weekly. School full-time is such a huge commitment! It amazes me how much free-time I had before that I didn't realize I had! I look back on yesteryears and think--I should have/could have done so much more.

Thanks for continuing to be a great friend across the nets! And the kind words are too much, you have inspired me so much!


Thank you! I will surely visit!!


Yes!!! I missed you on fb!!! We need to write/email something!! I have loved every day from fb...it is so liberating/freeing. Amazing how we let social media encroach on our lives...and don't realize how much energy we must devote to the whole charades of it all. Enough!

I will email you straight away!


Ahhh...I've missed your presence on FB. And honestly I need to do the same thing. FB is such a distraction. And I'm not sure that I walk away any happier after reading the posts. I'm preparing for my last round of law school exams and then the CA bar (fear rising up a bit). So, I am going to join the FB exodus at least for awhile. I would really like to keep in touch with you! You are my favorite online friend. And I hope that we will meet in person one day (we live too close not to). Maybe we should email! :) my email is thecaramelbella at gmail. I hope to hear from you! I'm sending you rounds and rounds of positive energy and encouragement to have a wonderful 2012!


I miss you too! I hated walking away because I felt like I was walking away from some amazing friends, but all of you have came here and continued to connect with me. It reassures me that true connections will sustain themselves and FB is not needed. I'm so excited for you! Yes, we do need to meet one day...I plan on visiting family in LA within the next couple of weeks...we'll have to plan something. Thank you for the energy and encouragement ...I so need it as I finish this year! Check your email soon!

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