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you know i LOVE this! what is even funnier/ironic is that i have a suitcase EXACTLY like that one(same color,lock,stitching,handle, etc.) which I thrifted & it has the name "mikey" written on one side of it..is that not weird..lol. anyhow, i have my painting towels and aprons stored in mine...they make for great storage. I love the page where you used the admit one ticket..beautiful!


How beautiful! My daughter collects vintage suitcases like that one. Love them.


Oh you must gather some JoAnn's or Michael's coupons and head over to Michael's to pick up one of these journals! They are amazing and if I had the money I would send one to all the amazing creative, sisters-friends of mine so I could bare witness to the amazing things you all would create.

I love what you use your suitcase for...great idea! I've had this precious treasure of Granma's for a year and a half and I finally found the right purpose for it.

I love those little tickets..I want to buy all the colors and use them for so many random things. Thanks for the love!


Oh tell little mama she has great taste! Thank you...I wish I could find more for other storage ideas....they use to be a plenty at thrift stores, but no more.

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