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Hi Ki, like any work of art, it is open to interpretation. That just happens to be one of my favorite songs. The lyrics are deep, the video was amazing and the artist...it's Lauryn.

I have been a fan of your blog for possibly over the past year point five and I have been inspired many times over by your sharing of family life, creativity etc. Your writing has blossomed in a way that gives rise to this, "When will you start that book"? When I got midway in this post, I envisioned butterflies. You have spread your writing wings and I love it. It takes patience. Great patience and a calm of the mind to put forth a vivid story. Your story makes me want to keep reading and hope that when this one ends, there will be a sequil...

In your words, "I have learned to harness my mind and focus on things I'm not interested in." That sentence means so much to me because a lot of times I feel all over the place and it is hard to buckle down and dedicate myself to one "thing". I consider your post a short story that I want to keep reading.




Thank you so very much for these words. I am trying. And everyday it is an exercise in patience, strength, and faith.

But, I can say that each day, I feel more confident--that I have finally cleared the mirror and saw myself as I really am.

It is so much easier to plan a life when you know who you are. Of course, I don't know the full-woman, none of do, but I am more awakened to who and what God wants me to be.

It has taken a long time to harness my mind, and I still struggle. What keeps the leash around my energy is knowing what I want out of life. For many years I wasn't sure. I was trying things on, so to say.

Be patient with yourself. Finding out, through trial and error, who you are not is part of the process of defining who you are. Please do not forget that.

I wish you love and thank you deeply for reading my words and sharing your response. It surely fuels me.


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