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Beautiful. Inspiring. Nourishing. You are a talented writer, Kiandra, and I'm glad I stopped by. Continued success & blessings to you in 2013! xo


Okay! You get the Arsenio infamous "Woot Woot Woot" fist pump and all. I am marvel by your writing. I wish it were a book because I would disappear into it. Jump right into the pages like I once thought was possible when I rubbed the round glass of a snow globe. Several times a vision of my favorite poet would come to mind; Maya Angelou. I cannot wait to read your published works and I do hope that you will do sequels that will have me salivating on the arrival of the next....

Charlene Joy

p.s. You are goooood girlfriend, good!
p.s.s. You voice if my voice. I grew in the same streets and I understand your passion and desire to live and breathe creativity. Live


Debbie, Thank you. That means a lot to me. I checked out your blog and you are equally talented. I get so happy when I find a new blog to add to my reading list. I look forward to reading more! Blessings back to you and lot of success for 2013 and beyond! <3


Charlene! Thank you so much!! I truly love writing, and I hope that it shows. But more so, I love communicating about life and all those experiences we all share. Those things that make us human, women, etc. Maya Angelou is amazing, I don't belong in the same sentence as her! Yes! I plan to write, and write, and write. Here and everywhere. If I could just coax out five more hours in the day, it all would go faster!

You know, people have "ideas" of what they think South Central LA is, and who the people are. But, I plan to show that we are every bit as beautiful, inspiring, and common as the rest of the world. I love the LA of 80s, I miss it so. Think of my writing as a love letter to that LA, or the other LA around the country.

Thank you again for your kind words! And thank you for continuing to read what I share here!

Blessings and life to you!

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