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Hello, I'm Kiandra Jimenez, or quejimenez. I’m a color-loving writer and artist, wife and mother of two, teacher, and self-proclaimed ‘healthatarian,’ living in Southern California.

Welcome to my creative space!

My mama says I was always creative. Family lore has it that I didn’t talk till I was four, almost five. Not a word, or sound. But when I did, full sentences fell out of my mouth and I haven’t been silent since.

I have been a writer and artist, in some way, my entire life. As a child I colored a lot, started drawing in High School, where my talent for writing was first brought to my attention. In my early college years I pursued writing, switched to Architecture, then Art, and then came back to writing after ten years of working in my community as an artist. My BA is in English, and I am pursuing my MFA in Fiction and Creative Nonfiction, which feels wonderful.

Here’s what I believe to be true:

• Stories matter.
• Write to understand what you don’t know, but need to know.
• Choose food over medicine to heal.
• Choose gardens over markets when possible.
• Moderation over stipulation
• Gratitude fixes everything.
• Taking a picture a day takes the blues away.
• Everyone deserves rainbows in their clouds.
• It’s about God, not me.

I became a ‘healthatarian’ in 2005, when I realized I did not want to feed my family or myself fast food, dairy products, or fattening meats. I am a flexitarian, who eats vegan 90% of the time, but eats organic eggs and poultry, or farm-raised fish a few times a week. I never use dairy, red meats, or pork. Ever.

In the late spring of 2005, we established our organic vegetable garden, which has been evolving, growing, feeding and teaching us since that cloudy weekend.

It is my hope to share with you how I live a healthy, creative life through:
• Healthy flexitarian recipes
• Resources to help you transition to or revitalize a healthy diet & lifestyle
• Organic vegetable gardening tips
• Storytelling that reminds and inspires you to live & love
• Writing tips that help you write better, and more authentically
• Book Reviews of great books I am reading (All good writers are good readers.)

I hope you'll join me on my journey and share with me yours.

Live, Learn, Create, Teach—Repeat.

Peace and Blessings.