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Great post! It is really informative for the students who genuinely like linguistics!
Once upon a time a stupid student decided he actually can write a statement of purpose in one day, the end of the story. Since than I tried to repeat the same trick with 5 universities I tried to enter and still had no success, by the time it dawned on me that I really needed a guidance I lost count of the universities I tried to enter. Then my friend explained me that it takes a lot of time, indeed, 70% of time afterwards was spent on refining and information synthesis.

I’m still not sure that my statements were “great,” but I have an inkling that, after some 15 drafts and countless hours meeting with five professors to go over those drafts, and countless more hours considering every word of the between 500 and 1000 words, I at least produced a “brilliant” statement of purpose.

Now I’m a professional blogger but I still help people who don’t know what to write about in their statements of purpose. If you want to learn the tips about the formatting, content and learn from the most successful examples they could be found in this article http://www.statementofpurposegraduateschool.com/linguistics-statement-of-purpose-writer/ I hope this post helps those people who see their future in linguistics

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