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God, you know what's in my heart, you know what I need. If this is what you want for me now. Please give me the strength to get through this! He usually listens :)


I took a bookmaking class a year ago, let me know if you want a binding buddy ;)


Your hair is beautiful! Do you have Sisterlocks, or traditional locs?


Hey Lady,

I may just take you up on that this summer...what's your plans this summer? Will you still be in MoVal?


Thanks Davinah,

Yes, these are Sisterlocks...I've had them for almost five years now. My first set were traditional and I had them for about four and a half years. I love the style ability of Sisterlocks...but I do miss my traditionals sometimes. Since my hair is so thick...the sister locks gives me more versatility with styling.


I've been trying to decide whether or not I want them, and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting them this summer. I have very thick hair too, and I'm just ready for a change. I'm very excited! LOVE you blog, by the way. I've been reading it for about a year and a half now. :)


You will LOVE them! It makes styling thick, natural hair so much easier. Not to mention your hair will be so much more healthier because of less processing.

Just make sure that you go into it knowing that what it looks like on day 1, 30, or 60 will not be what it will look like a year and more down the line. Depending on your hair condition and length at the time of installation, they may not "look" the way you imagine them.

For me, mine were very thin and scraggly. I didn't have a perm, but years and years of pressing straightened out my hair and thinned it out considerably. I still have a few straight tips, but they have broken off with time.

And one other tip...I liked starting mines in the winter time because you can keep them covered with hats and such and give them time to mature before sunny weather. I think that was recommended to me by a lady at Carol's Daughter when I was purchasing shampoo. I was thinking about waiting till summer (it was winter when I started), and she suggested that I do then. She also mentioned that in the summer you sweat more, and need to wash locks more often which can slow down the locking process.

Truth be told, it took about a year and a half for my locks to lock and become mature. May have been two years. But everyone's hair texture is different, and that is the deciding factor of how fast and easy your hair will lock.

This is actually my second set of locks. My first set were traditional, that I did and they took FOREVER to lock. As in two years.

Be patient and kind to yourself and your hair in the process...and you will be happy. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Oh, and thanks for the blog love...I'm going to really put some effort into being a more regular blogger like I used to be in years past.


Thank you for all of the advice. :) Last question, I live in So Cal... Inland Empire area, do you have a certified consultant you can recommend? I want to be very careful about who I choose to install mine. Thanks again, lady! Keep blogging!


You are so welcome! We are in the same area...I will email you my consultant's info...wait, after I know that she is accepting clients. I love her, she's wonderful. If she is not accepting, I have a friend who goes to Imani in San Berdo area. I want to ask you what area...but I'll do it in email. ;-)

I understand...I was the same way when I choose someone for mine. I wanted good energy and turned down a number of people for my consultant.

If she isn't accepting new clients, she will surely know someone good who is. And, she works in a shop and is certified.


I so love divine appointments and how things always work out just when you need them to. I've been looking for a consultant for the past 4 months, and every person has not given me a feeling of peace.

My e-mail address is itsdavinah@gmail.com.

Thank you, so so much! :)


Okay lovely lady, check your email!

I'm so happy...divinity is at work indeed! I felt the exact same way, and when I talked to her I knew instantly that we would work...and it has been great since then.

Again, you are so welcome!

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