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OMG..this just made my day..they are beyond gorgeous! I am in love..can one be in love with such a thing...oh my, the patterns, the colors, i love it! i was just saying to myself that i wanted to handmake some books, ugh..beautiful inspiration Ki!


These are the most beautiful journals I've ever seen.


Geez, I'm so late with saying thank you...forgive me. Thank you. They were so fun to make...took me about a week to gather, prepare, and make...but that is only because I made so many. If you want I can point you in the right direction to make your own. I bet they would be more beautiful than what I've dreamed up. I took in online "class" and that was my jump-off...let me know and I can point you in the right direction. We need chat/catch up!


Thank you so much...The pressure now lies in filling them! Time is not something I have in abundance. -__-

AnaLog Gurl

OMG! I think I love your journals! Wow!


Thank you! Gosh, sorry I am so late with seeing your comment. I was in the middle of a crazy few months of trying to finish my degree. Your work is amazing! I love your illustrations! That is a gift I never developed!

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